Enlarge Profile Picture’s of locked profiles on Facebook

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Facebook allows users to their own pictures to their Facebook profile and make one a suitable profile picture for timeline. User’s can restrict activity on their pictures uploaded to Facebook. Since Profile picture’s are important for a every profile, but if you lock it, then also the picture’s aren’t any safe, see how.
Facebook enables users for their own privacy settings like who will see Pictures, Timeline and to control activity on them. But I’ve founded a loophole in security of Profile Picture.
Usually when you open any profile with locked profile picture, the clicks are disabled on it and you just see an image of 160×160 pixels. If you right-click on the image and save it, the downloaded image will also be of only 160×160 pixels. Read below that how you can, see full enlarge pics of original size.
Open profile of person of whom you’ll like to see the full enlarged profile picture. Then right-click on image and copy the image URL.
After you have copied the URL, just watch out and you will notice “/s160x160/” in the URL.
Facebook-profile-picture-urlJust delete “160×160” from the URL of image and press enter, you will get the required result.
Facebook-profile-picture-url-modifyDisclaimer : This post is only written to show that even if your profile pictures are locked on Facebook, they aren’t secured.
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