Initial Problems Faced In Blogging and How To Tackle Them?

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Initially when you start blogging we come across many problems common to everyone but only few people are able to tackle it and taste success in blogging. In starting we are not able to cope with problems faced in Blogging and may leave or quit it. If you face problems than you are going to right direction.
Problems are faced by everyone and in every profession, don’t feel that you are the lonely one suffering from problems and want to quit. Every problem comes with a solution but sometimes answers are hard to find.
People do blogging to get famous(like me Smile), to earn money from blogs, a personal blog to connect with people or generate business from their blog. When we start a blog, we are quite passionate but only few get good results and some quit blogging or continue to improve their mistakes learn and get good results.
Definitely you might have seen many products which claim to make your blog successful overnight and make you millionaire and have a cure for your problems. Some adverts are true and some are fraud, but the best a blogger can get is right advice from others to make his blog successful.
I’ve seen many famous bloggers that they had made mistakes, wasted money, waited more than what one should wait but one thing common was they succeeded one day.
Below you will read some major problems faced, the most I’ve seen with others and me also.
In beginning we are ready for every hardship, but day by day we just start running away from it due to lack of patience. On first day you posted more than 5 posts but soon as the time pass the post frequency is just 5 posts a fortnight or even a month. It’s all because of lack of patience to get good amount of traffic and generate money.
Never think that you’re the only one whose patience is tested. waited for more than 8 years to get good advertisements on their website and now its India’s biggest Job portal.
No can teach how to be patient. You have to believe on your work. Start reading top Blogs in your niche, Books, Some success stories and videos. It will help you to make
Making Investment
In blogging Few dollars convert to millions but investing millions doesn’t mean its sure you will make billions, may be you only have just few dollars left. Investing money on your blog is one of the key reason of its success. You can set up a blog for free from BlogSpot and but if want to make it on your domain, money is required for domain purchase and Web Hosting. Investing money on your blog is good like buying a Theme for your blog, spend more money on Web Hosting or buy plugins to add more features to a website.
Investing is good but I’m talking for people who have just started blogging. Initially it isn’t easy to make bucks from your blog and if you are just spending money on it, it’s not a good deal but buying a Domain and Web Host is a necessary expenditure.
First wait for some time for making big investments and start making money through it and then spend more on it. Buy a domain and get a decent Web Host initially and get used to free CMS like WordPress to make a website. If its performing well then it’s not risky to invest more money on it and make it better than before.
Obviously if you are stepping into something new and want to learn from it, you need to give time to it. Managing time for blogging isn’t easy, as it’s a time-consuming profession. If you’re not giving time to your blog, then obviously blog is lagging behind others.
We should fix some daily time which shouldn’t be compromised. If you give daily only 1 hour is better than giving 5 hours on single day and not bothering for several days. The upcoming bloggers in India are mostly students studying in schools and colleges, taking time from schedule isn’t easy but not difficult. You should reduce Facebook usage and wasting time on unnecessary things and stay focused on blogging.
Learning & Understanding basics
Yeah! learning is also a problem. Blogging is a field where learning never ends. You have to tackle with SEO, Social media Marketing, Webmasters, etc. Everyday trend is changing and yes we have to change to compete with others. Many new bloggers, don’t have any knowledge of HTML, CSS and SEO which are essentially required to make your blog grow.
Spare time for learning everyday new things and make something new in Blogging. You have to learn SEO firstly and understand Social Media Marketing to get loyal readers. Otherwise your blog will not rise to a good height, eventually you’ll be closing it or waiting some miracles to happen.
Not Technical
If you aren’t a little technical also, then blogging is not for you. You might get everything from starting like installed CMS, cPanel settings, etc. but then also you will face problems in daily life and will have to get used to it. Either you can learn how to handle small errors or make your blog suffer. We know you might not be writing on Technology stuff, but you should have knowledge of what you are using for you blog and how to handle if obstacles come in way.
Connecting with People
Some bloggers, make blogs like they don’t like to write on them and are afraid to become the face of their blog. I’ve met some bloggers in my field and seen that they feel ashamed of their website when someone asks it’s earnings, traffic or ranking. We should become the face of our blog and tell them something about you and how you started your blog and your experience with it. If you have faith on your blog, then you will definitely rank high among other blogs. :)
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