BlackBerry Passport Review Features and Specifications

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Having a size and shape similar to that of a passport, “Blackberry Passport” promises to be workers oriented without sacrificing style and class. At its launch in London it was demonstrated how it is work-oriented from an engineer working on an oil rig to a CEO working in his office.

BlackBerry Video Review

Carrying the burden of Blackberry comeback to the mobile phones and smart phones race, Blackberry Passport is a good start. John Chen says that it is one of the first moves for the comeback and more surprises are on the way to Blackberry customers. Blackberry was once in the front row with its keyboard feature and long battery life. With Blackberry Passport it would be a new start to enter the smart phones market and reassuring a bigger market for the upcoming Blackberry Classic.

Iphone VS blackberry passport VS Samsung

Features and Specifications

Weighing 194g Blackberry Passport price is kept at $599 (£367). Its big keyboard well suits with the 4.5 inches large screen. Gorilla Glass is used for making the screen more secure for the users. The square screen allows the users to use it at any position they want; no need to change it to landscape or portrait. Moreover, better web browsing, documentation and running of other work related softwares will be seen due this screen.

The physical keyboard has only letters but numbers and others signs will appear according to the need of the time. The typing is definitely made easier with physical keyboard and for numbers and other signs a multitouch screen up to 10 fingers is there. Battery is non-removable Li-Ion 3450 mAh having a working talk time of 30 hours. Although, users are complaining that the battery talk time is less then that is mentioned.

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Last Impression

Yes, this is a good comeback from the Blackberry. They clearly declared it is directed towards businesspersons, executives and professionals and yes it is. Users may find it more interesting as now Amazon apps are also available in it.


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