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A Couple of years ago blogging art was on the bed of death and it was the saddest time for the bloggers all over the world to see it dieing in the world of social media. Facebook and Twitter was taking over the world of internet so quickly that it was assumed that internet has no space for the blogging any more however when i am writting this article 2013 is just about to end and we are witnessing the best era of blogging,
We can safely say that we never had such a great scope of blogging ever before. So whether you are getting back to blogging world or new to this field here are the few platforms you can use to get back in the world of blogs. or
wordpress blogging platform
There is absolutely no doubt that WordPress is the leader of all platforms with 45 million Downloads and according to an estimate about 19% of the websites up and running are using wordpress as the platform so can safely say that it is most widely used and tested platform.
It has 2 services one is hosted service where wordpress provide its domain name such as but if you prefer to pay and use your own domain name instead you can also do that by paying for the domain name. second service is completely free version of wordpress which you can host yourself and do customization as per your needs.
The best thing about using wordpress as the platform is the easily available plugins and the templates as well as the developers to take it further to fit in for your requirements. On this positive note the only drawback i can see as too much development work has been done on wordpress so there are hundreds and thousands of Plugins available which sometime could be bit confusing for the beginners or non technical person. ( Google Blogging Tool)
blogger platform
Google has started this service which provide free platform to the bloggers to write about any topic, it allows to change background color easily and it let them signup through their gmail account.
Google has linked it with google adsense which can help make you some money from your blog.however its not very popular platform amongst professional bloggers as it doesn’t support more advance features like wordpress offers. But it is still good starting point for the beginners and non technical authors.
tumblr platform
One of its kind platform which combines blogging with Social Media. This platform is similar to Facebook and twitter and has good user base and the major reason for it being popular and attention grabbing for all bloggers is easy and new method to reblog someone’s else content to your Tumblr account.
This platform is particularly popular in younger generation which prefer to reblog someone’s content instead of writing their own, Yahoo has recently taken over the platform for whopping $1.1 Billion and stated that the platform will keep operating at its own and they will keep developing it as a separate platform.
svbtle platform
It provides one of the slickest user experience from all the available blogging platform.The front end looks like a to do list or doodle pad, The user end is highly elegant however it is not open to public and you have to apply and get approved to do blogging on it.
The website has the email address which you can use to apply although the Website says that it will be open to public soon.
quora platform
They have started their blog in 2012 which provide platform to bloggers to write knowledgeable content or word of wisdom although it doesn’t provide personal website but still good enough to spread your words and good source to showcase your work.
That’s all for now however i am not finished yet with this topic and another list of Blogging platform will follow soon so stay in touch.
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