Apple Owned Company Beddit released “3.5” sleep monitor

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Apple on Friday launched its new updated Beddit Sleep Monitor that retails for $150.The updated Beddit sleep monitor (version 3.5) is available for purchase from Apple Stores and websites.
Recently, during last week apple received FCC clearance for its new sleep monitor product that is looking like an updated version of its Beddit Sleep Monitor.

Changes in Beddit 3.5 sleep monitor:

Although in appearance the product is almost same as Beddit 3.0 but this version of sleep monitor is more refined in terms of finishing. They polished the overall look and now it has a dedicated USB opening.
Apple's Sleep Monitor is incorporated with a dedicated USB opening
It is designed in such a way that it is placed on mattress, where it tracks the user’s sleep throughout the night. The 2mm-thick sleep tracker is able to record snoring, heart rate, sleep duration and the room conditions.
Good thing is that users doesn’t have to wear it on their hands or remembering to use it while going for sleep.
What’s good about it is that it also offers educational videos and goal setting option.

Health Sync:

The Beddit 3.5 is able to sync up with HealthKit and is able to work with two people in bed. Although second person will have to use his/her own monitor unless they won’t be tracked.


Apple users use different iPhone app, Beddit(for Model 3.5) (which requires IOS 12).
The iPhone users with Beddit 3.0 will use Beddit(for Model 3.0) (which requires only IOS 9)

The Apple bought Beddit Sleep Tracker firm in May 2017 and Beddit shut down its server on 15th of November this year.

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